Indoor Farming Solutions

We have wide range of products to increase your farm productivity

Vertical Growth Rack

We offer a complete set of Growth Rack Systems that integrates lighting, irrigation, and ventilation. With our Vertical Growth Rack systems, you will increase production capability, reduce labor costs and increase overall profit. Our Vertical Growth Racks uses precisely controlled growth conditions to give yields far higher compared to usual agriculture methods, which offers a plan to handle future food demands, allows crops to grow year-round, uses significantly less water, the weather doesn’t affect the crops, and more organic plants can be grown up with less exposure to pollution

Seeding System

The Seeding Line Consists of Soil Filling, Soil Dibbling, Seeding and Irrigation. The seeding can reach production up to 120 trays/hour.

Transplanting System

The Transplanting can pick up from germination tray and insert into the pot up to 4000 pot/hour The Transplanting line cover: Pot Dispensing, Soil Filling, Soil Dibbling, and Transplanter.

Robotic Harvesting System

The Robotic Harvesting System able to harvest the vegetable automatically without human involve. Advanced AI Vision Software allow robot to distinguish the vegetable that ready to harvest.

Adaptive Robot – Rizon

Rizon Provides Reliable, Intelligent, and Easy-to-program adaptive robots that empower you to do more. Fusing industrial-grade force control, artificial intelligence and computer vision, Flexiv’s range of adaptive robots can improve product quality and increase production efficiency.

High Tolerance for Position Variance

Able to perform tasks even when a worpiece is not in its intended location, a Rizon robot can accomodate the positional errors that occur on a production line

Great Disturbance Resistance

Unaffected by vibrations, human interference, or significant environmental changes, a Rizon robot can maintain peak performance in any situation it encounters.

Transferrable Intelligence

Capable of learning from previously completed jobs and assimilating learned skill into new tasks, Rizon Range can be deployed faster with reduced downtime.


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